Mortimer Mooner Stopped Taking a Bath PDF


A fun bedtime story about a cute little pig who wants to stay dirty.


Mortimer Mooner Stopped Taking a Bath

Written by Frank B. Edwards
Illustrated by John Bianchi

Mortimer Mooner decides he doesn’t want to stay clean and gets a bit messier with each day of the week. On Saturday he even refuses to take a bath.

But things take a change for the better on Sunday when stinky, messy, scruffy Mortimer receives a visit from his grandmother who may just know how to change his mind.

“My dear Mortimer,” she said. “Even though I do love you very much, I think that if I tried to hug you, I would surely faint.”

This delightfully funny story takes young readers through the days of the week as it visits some very familiar personal chores from teeth brushing and room cleaning.

As usual, illustrator John Bianchi adds a zany dash of humour to a simple rhythmical text that is fun reading for parents and children.

This ebook is in PDF format so that teachers and parents can easily use smart phones, computers and projectors to engage young readers.

The $1 price ensures it is easily affordable and that illicit sharing is unnecessary. (After all, the author and illustrator need to buy groceries too.) Please direct other teachers and parents to  Pokeweed’s online store to buy their own copies. Thank you.

The eBook also includes a fun 10-part multiple-choice quiz, an illustrated explanation of how the author based his Mooner stories on his own childhood, and some useful links to kids’ literacy tools for parents and teachers.

Link to this short video by Frank B. Edwards and John Bianchi to learn 10 ways to help children become happy readers.

50 pages (story is 24 pages). Fully illustrated.
eBook in PDF format — 12 mg file
Reading level: Grade two (H)
Interest level by age: 3-7

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