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We have produced special PDF versions of POKEWEED’S New Readers series for easy use in the classroom and for online learning. CHECK THEM OUT.

NEW PDF/eBOOKS. Our well-loved New Reader Series of nine fun books for kindergarten and grade one are now online at the store. AND THEY ARE ONLY $1 EACH. These nine PDFs are perfect for online story time and for projection in class. The rhythmical text is simple and the illustrations are fun — specially designed for lively story talk sessions. And each PDF is packed with author information and teaching ideas. Check out our bestselling series now.
FREE AUDIO BOOK. Princess Frownsalot is now available as a free download for a limited time only. It is a short (6:40), fun read of John Bianch’s popular story. The Greatest Zoo on Earth is our second audio book. (Just $1.99.)

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