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cover-of-troubles-with-bubbles-review-pdfWe are very excited to be making many of our popular picture books available as PDFs. They are perfect for teachers, speech pathologists and parents. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Please download this free PDF of Troubles with Bubbles and try it out with your kids. Add it to your shopping cart — there will be NO CHARGE at checkout.

Our New Reader series is a wonderful first step to reading for both kindergarten and grade one students. The Mooner series is great for grades one and twos. And anyone who needs practices with their MMMMMMMs.

You will love the way these books combine bright colours, cartoony characters and simple rhythmical language. They engage children in a way that makes learning to read fun. In fact, Pokeweed Press’s motto is “Reading for the Fun of It.”


We want to you to try out this FREE REVIEW copy of Troubles with Bubbles (PDF format) with your kids . Use it online, in class, in the reading corner or in the computer lab. (Or even at bedtime on a tablet if you have a techie family.) Then please share your opinion with the world. GET IT FREE BY ADDING IT TO YOUR SHOPPING CART. THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE AT CHECKOUT.


These $1 PDF editions are loaded with many extras the print editions lack. Their back pages are designed to engage your young readers. They allow for lots of conversation about the illustrations and ideas within each story.

cover-spaghetti-ready-pdfFor example, each of the New Reader titles include a fun introduction to the author and illustrator, as well as some book talk tips for adults. Only $1 each.

mooner-bath-pdf-coverThe five Mooner books include a 10-question quiz and an introduction to how the author includes his own childhood experiences in his books. Only $1 each.


We hope you will point your colleagues towards this free sample PDF and share your insight with them. Please send them this link

And don’t forget to explore all of our other books on the Pokeweed Store. Right now, we plan to add a new PDF title each week this year until our 30 picture books are all available — at $1 each. So please keep coming back to see what’s new.


family-reads-togetherAnd for those who want even more resources,we also have two videos on our YouTube channel. We produced these entertainining short presentations were produced for Ontario’s Kingston Literacy program to introduce parents to the concept of book-talk with pre-schoolers and an excellent 10 point guide to “kid literacy” at home. Check them out here.