Download Tips

I am only a writer and an editor but here is my best advice for accessing Pokeweed’s ebooks and audiobooks.

Pokeweed offers you a number of digital downloads – ebooks in PDF format and audiobooks in mp3 format. They are downloaded after you complete the checkout process and press the black download button. Unfortunately, some customers do not find their new files immediately after the download. Repeatedly pressing the big black button will download multiple copies of the file. (One early customer discovered 5 free Princess Frownsalot audio files the day after alerting us that she had not received her free copy. Oops.)

Downloading to a computer is pretty straightforward. The new files can be found in your DOWNLOAD folder and you can place them anywhere you want — even move them onto your phone or tablet.

Downloading to a smart phone seems to confuse some customers as the file (whether audio or PDF) tends to open within the browser window. On an iPhone (my device of choice), an open PDF file can be shared to the PDF collection of your Apple BOOKS app.

Unfortunately, audio files cannot be sent to an iPhone’s iTunes library or an Apple BOOKS’ audiobook collection. Pokeweed’s audiobooks will reside in the iPhone’s FILES folder (unless your iPhone is set to send all downloaded files to iCloud) where you can easily access them whenever you want to listen to them.

A Google Search can help you find solutions to downloading these files onto other devices but if you want to keep your tech life simple, consider downloading our audiobooks onto your computer and using it to move the mp3 file into your iTunes (or other) music library.

If you want to practice with a free download, we offer two choices.

A PDF ebook here.

An audiobook here.

Good luck.

Frank B. Edwards (author, editor and publisher at Pokeweed Press)