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Princess Frownsalot is one of our favourite John Bianchi tales — it was the second childrens’ story he wrote and illustrated early in his book career. Since then, it’s become a bit of a Canadian classic.

The cast of characters includes a king, a queen, a grumpy princess, her loyal cat — and a mad scientist anxious to experiment with smile transplants. We were never able to agree on how politically correct it was (the princess is pretty selfish in the early pages). But it ends well for everyone and is pretty funny to boot.

Listen to our classic reading of Princess Frownsalot

This is our first audio storybook. The Greatest Zoo on Earth is also available for $1.99. Have a listen with your kids and let us know what you think of it. We hope to produce many more.

Princess Frownsalot by John Bianchi. Published by Pokeweed Press.

Princess Frownsalot loves to frown. But what will she do when her smile freezes upside down?


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