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Can you guess what each miscroscopic photo is? Some of them are disgusting.

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Close Up: Microscopic Photographs of Everyday Stuff

Written by Frank B. Edwards and Laurel Aziz

Nothing is as simple as it seems. At first glance, the bug shown on the front cover of this book seems quite ordinary. It is small enough to sit on the end of a pencil, and we certainly would not be surprised to see a member of its species in our house. Yet, when magnified 82 times, we can see its mandibles and the eight eye that dot its head — the tools of a truly effective hunter. (It’s a spider.)

“CLOSE UP” is a book that lets readers explore the world around them through the probing eye of a scanning electron microscope — a machine that can take people a million times closer to a whole lot of really small things.

It gives a totally new perspective on just about everything, including the bony arches of a minnow’s gills and the papery honeycomb of a fluffy piece of popcorn.

Each photograph is accompanied by a what-am-I clue and a full explanation of the item. Subjects include a spider, mosquito, house fly,  grains of sugar and salt,  tree rings, pollen, a dust ball and many other everyday items and creatures.

48 pages. Black and white.
Reading level: Grade four to eight
Interest level by age: 8 to adult


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