The Greatest Zoo on Earth


What to do you do when you own the world’s best zoo but the animals are homesick?

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The Greatest Zoo on Earth

Written by Frank B. Edwards
Illustrated by John Bianchi

In 1899, show man J. Quigley Dumbleton travels the world to capture the greatest collection of animals in the world and brings his menagerie back to New York City where he builds a popular zoo. People love his attraction and he makes a fortune from the wonderful animals. But the animals are not happy. In fact they are downright miserable.

“After two years of wild success, J. Quigley had one very big problem. The animals seemed to be growing smaller.

The world’s largest elephant was losing 20 pounds a day. The hippopotamus’s waist had shrunk by almost 17 inches. And the world’s tallest giraffe had become noticeably shorter because it had stopped holding its head up high.

J. Quigley Dumbleton did not know what to do.”

At his wit’s end, J. Quigley takes the advice of a young cage sweeper who suggests the animals only need a bit of free time to explore the city. The results are disastrous.

Young readers are bound to recognize the best solution much faster than the zoo owner but with the help of the young boy the animals’ problem is resolved.

Link to this short video by Frank B. Edwards and John Bianchi to learn 10 ways to help children become happy readers.

24 pages. Fully illustrated.
Reading level: Grade four.
Interest level by age: 4-10


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