Popchuck’s Revenge: #2


This Hallowe’en outing dishes out deadly tricks without any treats.

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Popchuck’s Revenge:
Book 2

Written by Paul Toffanello

Neil, Adam and Ally are happy to be back at school after the scariest summer camp ever. But there’s something very frightening about the new principal who keeps holding secret staff meetings after dark.

The rest of their classmates may be rushing home to plan their Hallowe’en adventures but Neil and Adam find themselves sneaking back into school after hours to gather proof of a sinister plot brewing in the boiler room.

But for the moment, Neil needed to address the issue of escaping from the locked school.

“I’ve got it!” he suddenly exclaimed.

“Got us in trouble is what you’ve got us,” declared Adam, sitting on the floor, holding his stomach and feeling hopeless. “If that alarm trips, our gooses are cooked.”

“No, no. Not the alarm. The word! Coven! It has something to do with magic and witches. Some kind of witches’ meeting. They had them in Salem. I’m sure that’s what they’re planning.”

“Listen, Neil, the only thing I’m positive about is that it’s going to take some kinda magic to get us out of here. And if you haven’t noticed, I’m having a mild panic attack.”

While Neil imagines a diabolical plot involving his school’s teaching staff, timid Adam wants to forget the whole thing and focus on his Salem witch project. But even schoolwork becomes frightening when he starts to see links between the school and an ancient coven of witches that put his own life in danger.

Popchuck’s Revenge is the second of three juvenile novels about the ghost of Arnold Popchuck. The Popchuck series is a perfect introduction to ghost stories for young readers (grade four and up).

184 pages, 40,000 words
Reading level: Grade four to eight
Interest level by age: 8 to 12


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