Popchuck’s Ghost: #1


A playful ghost haunts a summer camp but evil lurks nearby.

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Popchuck’s Ghost:
Book 1

Written by Paul Toffanello

Neil arrived at summer camp expecting campfires, marshmallows and water fights. No one warned him about a prankster ghost or the secret tunnel beneath an old outhouse.

While everyone else is running around having fun, 12-year-old Neil is sneaking about trying to solve a few mysteries. Like why he sees an old man who no one else sees. And how he’s turned from a great athlete into a clumsy klutz. Neil needs all the help he can get to sort through the clues but his best friend Adam wants nothing to do with anything scary. At least not until their mutual gal pal gets involved..

Suddenly a pale green fluorescent light glowed in front of them. They looked at one another. Ally grabbed Neil’s hand and squeezed. He squeezed back.

Without speaking, they slowly advanced down the tunnel. With each step, the light got brighter. Then, they heard a horrible moaning that sent goosebumps up their arms.

“HHHIIILLLDDAA. . .” the voice lamented. “OOOHHHHHH. . .”

The cry was painful and anguished. Ally looked at Neil and mouthed the question: “Popchuck?”

Neil nodded.

As frightened as they were, they each took another step forward. Suddenly the wailing stopped…

Popchuck’s Ghost is the first of three juvenile novels about the ghost of Arnold Popchuck. The Popchuck series is a perfect introduction to ghost stories for young readers (grade four and up).

184 pages, 40,000 words
Reading level: Grade four to eight
Interest level by age: 8 to 12


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