Snowed In at Pokeweed Public School


A snowstorm keeps the kids in school. All night.

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Snowed In at Pokeweed Public School

Written by John Bianchi
Illustrated by John Bianchi

It’s just a regular day at Pokeweed Public School until an unexpected snowstorm blows in and blocks the school bus. Principal Slugmeyer takes charge and announces that everyone will have to sleep overnight in the gym. While he leads the students in a riot of activities, Ms Mudwortz calmly figures out how to feed everyone and get them to calm down at bedtime.

Then good old Ms. Mudwortz calmly took control of the whole situation. First she sent us to the gymnasium with Principal Slugmeyer for a long game of dodge ball. I think they wanted to tire us out. But the only one who got tired was Principal Slugmeyer.

School students love to read books about their daily routines but our experience proves that they love adding an element of adventure to their experiences even more. Teachers may shudder at the thought of snowbound sleepovers but kids fully embrace it.

Pokeweed School is a fun, safe place for young readers. And this story is based on a real snowstorm that blocked the neighbourhood school near John Bianchi’s home. (The buses couldn’t get through the drifts but pizzas were delivered by snowmobile.)

Link to this short video by Frank B. Edwards and John Bianchi to learn 10 ways to help children become happy readers.

24 pages. Fully illustrated.
Reading level: Grade two to four
Interest level by age: 5-10


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