Melody Mooner Stayed Up All Night


A young pig thinks of too many reasons NOT to go to bed. How late will she stay up?

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Melody Mooner Stayed Up All Night

Written by Frank B. Edwards
Illustrated by John Bianchi

Melody Mooner hates going to bed and decides to stay up all night long.

Each hour one of her family members tells her it’s bedtime but Melody has other things to do. She watches television, bakes cookies, plays flashlight tag and finally heads out in the night for a tricycle ride. But a few encounters with nightlife makes it easy for her to change her mind.

“It’s 12:00. We’re all going to bed,” called the Mooners.

“I’m not going to bed,” said Melody. “I’m going to count the stars. All night long.”

This delightfully funny story takes young readers through the hours of the evening as it visits the family dynamic of getting a child into bed on time.

As usual, illustrator John Bianchi adds a zany dash of humour to a simple rhythmical text that is fun reading for parents and children.

Link to this short video by Frank B. Edwards and John Bianchi to learn 10 ways to help children become happy readers.

24 pages. Fully illustrated.
Reading level: Grade two (F)
Interest level by age: 3-7


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