Robin Hood With Lots of Dogs


An exciting introduction to a classic adventure. And yes, all the characters are dogs.

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Robin Hood With Lots of Dogs

Written by Frank B. Edwards
Illustrated by John Bianchi

The adventures of Robin Hood have appeared in many forms since the minstrels of Old England first sang of his life, but no one has every approached them quite like cartoonist and dog-lover John Bianchi.

By presenting Robin Little John and the rest of Sherwood Forest’s merry band as dogs, Bianchi has created a funny and truly memorable portrait of these beloved classic characters that directs a knowing wink toward the adventure books of a bygone era.

Poor Robin felt miserable; his encounter with the Sheriff had changed his life forever.

“My future is ruined,” he sighed. “By morning, every soldier and forester in the county will be searching for me.”

“Don’t worry about your future young pup. Sherwood offers many places to hide,” soothed Little John. “Besides, you are a fine archer and a fearless fighter and much too nice a fellow to join the King’s foresters. We can become thieves and prosper together without ever leaving the forest.”

“But I cannot steal,” said Robin. “It isn’t right.”

And with that, Robin vows to become an honorable thief who punishes the bad and rewards the good. And of course, he encounters the lovely Maid Marian along the way.

Bianchi captures the flavour of N.C. Wyeth’s classic adventure illustrations while author Frank B. Edwards adds a witty narration that blends tradition with double-dog entendres. Their beautiful book offers young readers an entertaining introduction to a timeless tale of truth, justice and adventure. It also serves to introduce young readers to the concept of chapter books as each double-page spread functions as a complete segment, complete with an entertaining painting.

32 pages. 14 full-page illustrations and 15 vignettes
14 chapters. 3,500 words
Reading level: Grade four to eight
Interest level by age: 8 to adult

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